Packaging Options

We offer packaging options to meet your company's needs:

  1. Bulk packaged, plastic free or plastic light shipping.

    This option is meant for stores that cater to plastic free shopping.  We bulk package your items and will ship as environmentally responsible as possible.  We believe in reusing boxes when possible and our family takes weekly trips to the recycling center where our non-reusable cardboard, plastic and glass is dropped off for recycling.

  2. Branding free for private label

    This option is for customers that wish to sell or use items brand-free or want to apply their own branding.  Sea Sponges can be individually netted, other products can be packaged in clear opp, shrink wrap or 2-mil plastic bags with string ties.

  3. SeaSationals® branding

    This option leverages the same packaging as above, but uses header cards or labels with our SeaSationals® branding.

  4. SeaSationals® branding with GS1 registered UPC/EAN codes

    Same as above, but includes GS1 registered UPC/EAN codes for sales in stores with a POS system.

We may also be able to accommodate custom packaging options, please contact us if you have questions.

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