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  • Ladder Rack soap dish made out of pine wood.Soap dish measures 4.75 inches long, 3.5 inches wide and 5/8 inches high.

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  • Luxuriously Large  Loofah Back Strap Shower Scrubber

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  • Caribbean Silk Sponge: Silk sponges are the softest and densest sponges one can buy. They are small and are primarily used for the application, removal of make-up and facial cleansing.

    Unlike Mediterranean and Pacific Silk Sponges, these sponges have a light rough texture to them, making them a great sponge for lightly exfoliating facial cleansing.

    Caribbean Silk Sponges on average grow to 4" and are therefor not large enough to be used in the bath or shower.

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  • Soap Pouches are a convenient and economic way to gently exfoliate your skin while allowing you to use up every last bit of your soap! Simply insert your favorite bar into the natural fiber pouch and massage away! 

    Choose from densely woven Sisal for maximum exfoliation, medium loop Cambric for light exfoliation or Ramie for sensitive skin. ** Ramie fabric. 

    Soap pouches are 6" x 4.5" except the small Cambric which measures 5.5" x 3.5"

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  • Caribbean Grass Sea Sponges - for Exfoliating in your Bath or Shower: These natural sea sponges are perfect for lightly exfoliating your skin. Their rough texture combined with either a body wash or body scrub is the perfect & natural way to reveal your fresh skin.

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  • Asian Loofah Slices for Soap Making / Cleaning
    • 65% less

    Loofah Slices cut for soap-making, craft projects or cleaning sponges.

    These are the Asian loofah cuts and are sold wholesale in 100-packs. 

    Select the size cuts desired.

    Choose from three different thicknesses and Diameters ranges.  

    • 2" - 2.5" in diameter slices - for small soaps, cupcake pan soaps
    • 2.5" - 3" in diameter slices - These are the average size for soap making
    • 3" - 3.5" in diameter slices - These are extra large and mostly used for household cleaning

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  • These loofah facial disks exfoliate skin during cleansing.

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  • Fun shaped Loofah bath sponges for the kid in all of us. Choose from 7" Fish , 6" Bear, 5" Duck, 5" Whale, 6" Foot or 5" Heart shaped loofah.

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  • Loofah Mitt for Bath & Shower
    • 43% less

    Loofah mitts with exfoliating loofah on the front and soft terry cloth on the back. Fabric lining and edging.

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  • Loofah facial buffs and bath pads. Exfoliating loofah on the front, soft terry cloth with an elastic strap on the back.

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  • Natural Loofahs in their raw form choose from 4" - 18" in lengths

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  • Loofah bath & spa slippers, choose from two different styles. The wrapped band slippers adjust using hook & loop (aka velcro).

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  • Mediterranean Silk Sponges are the perfect answer to soft, gentle applications of cleansing creams, foundations and other facial related cosmetics. These are the softest, densest and have the finest pores of the silk sponge varieties.

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  • Silk sponges from the South Pacific, imported from the Philippines. Soft, smooth, but not as durable as the other silks. Reasonably priced for quantity purchases. South Pacific silks come in a variety of sizes.

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  • Premium Wool Bath Sponge also known as rock island wool sponges are the most prized of all sponges. These soft sponges are harvested in deep water off the cost of Central and North Florida's Gulf Coast.

    These sponges are denser and will outlast the prime sea wool sponges. With daily use and proper care, it is not unusual for these sea sponges to last a year or more.

    Perfect for gently cleaning your skin. Their super soft texture combined with body wash or bath & shower gel is the perfect & natural way to clean your skin.

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  • Natural Yellow Sea Sponge Bath Brush

    Length: 16.5" Width: 5-6".

    We manufacturer ourselves these at our sea sponge processing facility and the yellow sea sponges are also harvested locally in the Gulf of Mexico.

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