Call it Loofah or call it Luffa

No matter what you like to call it, enjoy our selection of natural loofah and loofah products imported from Asia, Egypt and Central America.

Learn about the different loofah varieties:

  • Traditional loofah is the most commercially available and hardiest of the three loofah types. Very dense, keeps its shape even when wet.
  • Egyptian loofah, also known as Luffa, is the largest variety and grows to 20-25" long and 4-5" wide.  This loose knit loofah is pliable, which makes it perfect for the bath & shower.
  • Mayan loofah is native to Mexico and Central America. It is a great balance between Asian and Egyptian loofah. Not too hard and not too loose. They are smaller and are cut 10" in lengths.


Besides our raw loofah varieties, also choose from bath loofah, loofah back scrubbers, luffa pads, loofah facial discs (or loofah disks), loofah back straps, loofah sponge, luffa slippers, loofah facial buffs, loofah cuts for soap-making and more.

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SKU Product name   Price  
SS-L-SH-M-8oz Shredded Loofah
  • $30.00
SS-L-PRAW-C-14 Peruvian Loofah
  • $5.99
SS-L-SLP-HandL Loofah Bath & Spa Slippers - Velcro adjustable
  • $4.00
SS-L-FD2 Loofah Facial Disks
  • $0.25
SS-L-CTS-A Asian Loofah Slices for Soap Making / Cleaning
  • 65% less
  • $0.35
SS-L-CTS-M Mayan Loofah Slices for Soap Making
  • 62% less
  • $0.38
SS-L-A-4 Natural Loofah (Luffa acutangula)
  • $3.32
SS-L-MRAW-C-10-THIN Mayan Loofah
  • $7.32
SS-L-PAD-OB Loofah Facial Buffs & Loofah Bath Pads
  • $1.50
SS-L-MT Loofah Mitt for Bath & Shower
  • $2.29
SS-L-SLP Loofah Bath & Spa Slippers
  • $4.00
SS-L-BS-LRG Loofah Back Strap - Large Rectangular
  • $3.75
SS-L-BS-OB Large Oblong Loofah Back Scrubber and Shower Strap
  • $3.60
FH-L-LS-D Fun Shaped Loofah Sponges
  • $1.50
SS-L-BB5 Loofah Back Brush - 5 Inch
  • $3.60