Natural Sea Sponge and Sea Sponges

Shop the largest selection of sea sponges available online. Luxurious natural sponges for your bath & shower, silk sponges for makeup & cosmetics and beautiful large decor sponges.

Our sea sponges are harvested from Florida's Gulf Coast by local Tarpon Springs Spongers. We also import unique sponge varieties from the Bahamas, the Mediterranean Sea and South Pacific Ocean. We proudly offer the largest selection of sustainably harvested natural sea sponges available online.

Learn About Natural Sea Sponges

View our Sponge FAQ where you can learn how to pick the perfect sponge. Visit our Sponge Selection Chart for a comparison of the different sponges we carry

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SKU Product name   Price  
SS-RISW-C-445 Premium Florida Rock Island Wool Sponges - Bath Size +
  • $10.60
SS-YS-C-335 Yellow Sea Sponges
  • $3.30
SS-GS-C-354 Caribbean Grass Sponges
  • $3.40
SS-CS-152-C Caribbean Silk Sponge
  • $1.80
SS-MS Mediterranean Silk Sponge
  • $3.20
SS-SPS-152 South Pacific Silk Sponges
  • $1.40
SS-SP-SS-23G Sea Sponges for Soap Setting
  • $1.70
SS-WS-C-455 Key West & Bahamian Wool Sea Sponges Bath Size and Bigger
  • $10.80
SS-WS-CS-225 Small Wool Sponges for Babies, facial cleansing, soap embeds and crafts
  • $2.60
SS-SS-BB-Y Yellow Sponge Back Scrubber
  • $11.76
SS-SS-BB-W Wool Sea Sponge Back Scrubber
  • $13.23
SS-SS-D-V Vase Sponge
  • $12.00